DREAMXL was born from the ashes of Pain & Struggle.  We know what it's like to feel broken, lost, lonely and utterly hopeless.  Feeling like we don't fit in, not knowing if this was our path but knowing deep down to our core that we were not living up to our true potential. We know how it feels not knowing which direction to turn for help, who to trust, or if we even for a second trusted and believed in ourselves.

DREAMXL was born out of that same F.E.A.R. and vulnerability that held me captive for so long, because one long night I awoke out of my sleep on the top bunk in my prison cell with a vision; a vision to change myself and my belief systems and no longer accept the chains I had placed on myself and my future.  A vision to build my own future and be able to inspire and bring value to other people's lives instead of all the harm i had caused for so long...

But in order to do that, I had to change so much...  I had to changed the way I ate, the way I slept, the way I conducted myself and the habits I practiced.  I had to dig deep, heal past traumas, overcome fears and self doubts, instill new belief systems, make amends for my wrong doings and become self-aware.  All of which are only processes that I continue to build upon each and every day, because that's what it takes for continued evolution and lasting growth.

You see, Rock Bottom wasn't my ending; it was the Foundation for which I laid my bricks upon one by one to build a new home, and a new ME.  And if I can do it, there is not a soul on this Earth that isn't able to rise above their own struggles and create their own Legacy.

DREAMXL is a brand that speaks to that struggle, just as much as it speaks to the unequivocal Triumph we all feel when overcoming not just our own obstacles, but the negative patterns within ourselves that allow us to grow.

We want the beautiful people that are lost with no sense of direction just as much as we want the one's that are already striving to take action on their Dreams and getting the results they've worked so hard for.

Whether completely stuck, or already gaining momentum- we encourage all to Dream Extra Large, because the Dream comes first.

The rest, is simply the process for which we build our legacies on.  And all of those are learned behaviors and adopted beliefs.

Keep Dreaming My Friends, We Are With You.
-Mikey Koncepts // DREAMXL