When i tried to kill myself this time 3 years ago, it wasn't necessarily that i wanted to die...

It was that i couldn't stand the pain of active addiction one more day and everytime i woke up and looked in the mirror, it was just a reminder of all the pain and self loathing and failures that my life had been so far.

I couldn't think, i couldn't feel. I was just lost in despair and no amount of drugs or external joy could relinquish that feeling.

I was broken, lonely, lost and hopeless.

So i decided to take my own life instead of doing the hard thing, which was get clean and find a new way of life.

I don't know how i survived, but i was told by someone special that an Angel was there with me that night. And tho i couldn't see it at the time, my life was about to change trememndously.

Something was brewing inside even tho i was still stuck in an addictive cycle, a change was happening from within for the better and i began to believe just enough that i was worth saving; worth something to others and to this world.

All i ever wanted was love, to love; and to be loved. And feel a part of.

Suicide is not the answer, and i wear this shirt proudly in hopes i may impact ONE PERSON who sees it and decides that they are worth saving too.

I believe that we can all make a difference when we believe that our past does not define our future.

I will be giving 10% of sales back to help aid suicide prevention and awareness and im grateful to be a voice to those in need.

We have all been thru hell, but its important that you realize YOUR STORY AIN;T OVER and you too can make a difference on someone else.

With Love, Sweat & tons of Tears,

-Mike K./DreamXL

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