Anyone who knows me, knows I thrive under pressure and chaos.

It hasn't been easy by any means being one man with a DREAM, and thru that journey working to inspire others to seek their own...

Pressure gives me purpose, a purpose to continue dreaming and overcome; apply myself differently and evolve within the parameters of my latest limitations.

All my life I've set my own limits, broke them, and set more on top because that's the nature of the Beast.

DREAMXL is my way of showing ME, and the world that no matter what the limitations and pressures there are, we can all grow thru them and achieve our next highest self.

I don't think I'd ever be happy if I don't hit that next roadblock, growing pain or purity in triumph over adversity...

Life is about GROWTH; as in nature, what does not grow in turn will die.  We can all learn something new each day and apply ourselves differently the next.

Never let that pressure break you Champ, you were born under it.  So now let's THRIVE after it together.

-Mikey Koncepts

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