HUSTLE ain't about Money.

It's not about dealin' drugs, havin' flyy ass shoes, nice cars or tons of women.

HUSTLE is a mentality, a DRIVE; one that says "I will do whatever it takes with consistent effort to achieve the things I want in life..."

That's powerful, because given any odds I know that I have the fortitude & mentality to succeed.

You could have me stranded with 75 cents in my pocket, and I will buy a piece of paper and a pencil to draw a portrait on the street and sell it for $25...

Then I'll buy 4 more.

Inside of us all, there's this innate fear that holds us back from success, tells us that we are unworthy of the things we seek and that the comfort of our beds and Netflix will meet our emotional needs...

Fuck that Fear.

Fuck that Comfort.

I don't want it, they can keep it.  My will and my DESIRE TO ACHIEVE is greater than any bed or movie I'll ever see and I've already wasted enough years enslaved by addiction and low self worth.

Life is a complex series of opportunities OR consequences and it's OUR CHOICE to find out where we stand, develop the skills & mindset necessary to achieve and knock on every door, window, mailbox and doghouse.

|| Be the Movement ||
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